The Data-driven Experts

When we ought to describe what kind of a company we are, we have to think hard. Are we a creator of print and online catalogs? Are we a direct marketer? Are we a specialist for e-commerce? Are we a company for IT services and software development? We are all of that — and much more.

What would we say when asked about our core competency? A customer told us once, “You are my navigation system for communication channels. I know my goal, but you find the best way to get there.”

That fits it quite well: We advise you no matter what your question on communication and IT solutions. But we don’t just advise — we implement right away. Data collection, data management, digital printing, e-mailings, catalog production, Adobe InDesign scripting, online catalogs, online shops, software development, content management system (CMS) programming, product information management (PIM), media asset management (MAM) ….

You don’t have to remember all that. What’s important is that we have mastered all the technologies of modern dialog media and can put together the best possible and most cost-effective package for your goals.